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Crastu is a coastal style wine holder with goblet holder.
This trunk, found on the beach, has a natural inlet where you can insert a bottle of wine. Perfect for highlighting your finest bottle of wine in a rustic and minimalist style.


On the beach, in the sun, he was lying. With his clever, crastu-like air. He already knew that I would fall in love with him and take him with me to make him a wine holder. He had been preparing for months, between the beach and the sea, in order to have the perfect shape to hold a bottle of wine.


It is a log coming from the sea, exactly from the Mediterranean. It was found on the beach of Piana Grande (AG).
It still has the scents of the sea and the whitish color comes from the salt that has soaked into the wood.
The wood is not treated, it is not painted. The will is precisely to work it as little as possible, to try to maintain all those characteristics that make it beautiful and wild.


ScrusciuDuMari is very attentive to the quality of the service given and to give you greater security, all our products are covered by our guarantee "a wood that lasts". If you have problems with your trunk within two years, please contact us to find a solution.


A wooden crate is created for each order to protect it during shipping. We care that our trunk arrives at its destination without any kind of problem. Also inside the case you will find

- a parchment that tells the story of the Crastu trunk
- instruction manual
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